Wholesale Information

EON Natural is the factory-direct wholesale distributor for;

  • Hair Salons
  • Braiding Shops
  • Natural Hair Shops

Our products are available exclusively for professional stylists and braiders. 

Prices and Discounts

The prices, that you see on this website, are the retail prices. Once you register and approved as a wholesale customer, you will be able to see discounted wholesale prices.

So, be sure to apply for wholesale account today.

How to Apply Wholesale Account

It is very simple. Write answers to the following questions and email it to us with your business license. If your state does not require you to have professional license to conduct business, you may send picture image of your driver's license.

Q1:  Name of your business

Q2:  Owner's Name and mobile phone number.

Q3:  Business Address, phone number, website address.

Q4:  Is your business located at home or commercial location?

Q5:  How many stations or booths are in your salon?

Q6:  How many stylists or braiders work in your salon?

Q7:  How long have you been in business?

Q8:  What is your primary language you speak?

Q9:  Do you have more than 1 location? If so, how many shops do you operate?

Q10: What type of advertisements do you use? Business card / Flyers / TV or Radio / Newspaper / Style books / Website / Others

You can provide these questions via email or text messages at sales@eonnatural.com or 301-xxx-xxxx.

Sales Support

As a wholesale company, EON Natural provides various sales aids time to time to help you grow your business. It includes posters, displayers, signage and more. Those sales aids are supplied in respect to the volume of business you have with us.

Education and Events